THE UNSEEN WORLD : Song Demo Collage

The show currently contains twenty-one songs, including reprises.  Here are snippets from ten.

(Please listen from 0:00 to 2:00.  Thank you.)

SNIPPETS 2.mp3The Unseen World
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From Something Happened (Katie)

vocal: Maggie Forti

From The Unseen World (Pearl)

vocal: Shelley Doty

From Blue, Blue Heaven (Dierdre, Developers)

From Right Way / Wrong Way (Developers, Cops)

From Goodness (Bryce)

From A True Utopian Realm (Developers, Cops)

From A Miracle (Ralphie)

vocal: Sam Rubin

From You're Free ("God", Developers)

I'm Done! (Halo)

From I Guess I Believe/The Unseen World

(Katie, Ensemble)