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NOTE TO TOURING ACTS:  We would love to support you but we cannot book acts without a local following.  SO PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT US UNLESS YOU HAVE A BERKELEY-AREA FANBASE.  We know it's tough out there, but it's a lot of work putting on these shows and a real drag when only four people show up.  Sorry.


The Monkey House books music, comedy, storytelling, improv, magic, theater, and other forms of intimate human entertainment.  We were built by artists for artists and we hope to give you and your fans a fantastic experience.  We are known for our unusually good sound and we also offer a very affordable video recording option. 

We have a current capacity of 55.  We ask prospective acts to put together a 2- or 3-act bill they're confident will attract at least 30.  If you're not sure about your draw but really wnat to play here, or conversely, if you're confident of a sellout, it's better to just rent the space.


We're located beneath an apartment building and, despite the soundproofing work we've done,  we need to keep volume reasonably low.  We sometimes allow drums, but they must be played lightly with brushes or bundles.  

                                                            CONTACT BOOKING  


Please include links to audio and (ideally) video clips.  Also let us know how many fans you would reasonably expect to attend.  PLEASE PITCH A FULL SHOW FEATURING TWO OR THREE ACTS.

Please understand that not all music submitted, despite its evident quality, will be right for our venue.  We apologize, but we are able to respond only to acts that are a good fit for our space.

Most of our shows take place on Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights, with occasional Sundays and weekdays.  Sunday shows can be matinees, starting at the time of your choice.  Doors are generally at 7, shows from 7:30-10.  To help us fight through difficult times, our slliding-scale donation has been raised to $10-40.  This allows those who are better able to support us and our acts to do so.  (If you'd like to start the scale higher than $10, that's fine, if you're confident your audience will support this.)


Acts load in anytime between 5:30 and 6.  


We work hard to promote events through our mailing list, website, Facebook, and other online services but we count on you to do your part as well. 

​We have an excellent 8-channel sound system with outboard compression, reverb, delay and effects.  We have powered stage monitors with two individual mixes.  Stage dimensions are 12’ x 6’.  

Stage lighting features twelve PAR 64 LED stage lights, controlled by a Chauvet Obey 40 lighting console.  We have a comfortable green room where cases and unused gear is stored. 

For your convenience we offer very affordable rental on additional gear:


A BEHRINGER BX-1200 bass amp, angled upward so you can hear it easily without being too loud in the room.  It sounds quite good and rents for just $10.

A YAMAHA P-120 digital piano with 88 weighted keys and additional sounds.  This rents for $15. We'll have it set up for you and ready to go.

We also now have a house drum kit, a Ludwig cocktail drum kit with Zildjian cymbals that's a perfect size for our 6' x 12" stage.  The full kit rents for $25, or you can rent just the snare and hi-hat for $10.   PLEASE REMEMBER THAT DRUMS MUST BE PLAYED SOFTLY, WITH BRUSHES OR BUNDLES.


Loretta Lynch    Steve Seskin    Chuck Brodsky

Maurice Tani   Nina Gerber     Felsen

Spencer & Sequoia    Ira Marlowe

Jonah Smith   Adam Levy

Johnny Burgin  Crying Time

Sylvia Herold   Mark Growden    

Monica Pasqual     Kathy Sparling

James Nash   Carlos Rayes

Terrie Odabi    Mads Tolling    Teja Gerken    Pete Madsen     Danny Click

   Willa Mamet   Laurin Hunter    Dawn Oberg   

Aireene Espiritu    Michael McNevin       Essence   MacClain & Cole    Wishing & Bone        

Chris Chandler   Bill Spooner

Stafford & Sturdevant    Kwame Copeland    Steve Meckfessel    Mokai     Janam

N-Side the Healer    Spark & Whisper   

Joe Gore   Frank Olivier        

Adrian West    David Grossman   

Wildcat Canyon    True Margrit    Shelley Doty

Secret Identities    Wendy Burch Steel  

Ruth Gerson    Meredith Axelrod   

John Elliot    High Diving Horses    Zo Tobi   Deborah Crooks    La Guingette    

Living Cities    Jonah Matranga    

Amy Obenski    Alexis Harte    

The Lemon Hammer    Tom Jonesing    

Meg Anderson    Jesse Brewster

Emily Elbert    Rushad Eggleston    

Forrest Sun   Peter Conolly          

Amie Penwell    Larkin Gayle    Lily VIrginia    Tommy Banks    Clyde Leland

Small Town Therapy    Peter Rudy    

Renee Hayes    Barwick & Sigfried    

Yard Sale     Candace Roberts    The Two Old    Adie Bell    Sugar Ponies

John Lester    Dandeline    Sasha Lanier    

Peter Conally    Middlesleep

The Vultures    Dear John/Love Renee    

Kwame Copeland    The Vultures

Three Drink Circus    Art Elliot    

Austin Willacy     Paul Benoit  Jill McAnally

Rob Powell    Susie Davis    Bob Bralove    

Eve Fleishmann     The Mysterium

Dara Ackerman    Phoebe Legere    

Steve Baughman    Glass House

Jamie Clark    John Roy Zat    Robin Galante    Steven Emerson    Mark Goldenberg    

Robert Temple    Bonnie and the Clydes

Dinner with the Kids    Erika Luckett    

Jonah Smith    Theo Czuk    Lesley Green    

Lindy La Fontaine    Alex Jimenez   

Jeff Desira  Paul Griffiths    Laura Zucker    

Kate Burkart    Small Town Therapy

Michael Gaither    Steve Kritzer    Judi Jaeger    Erica Hockett    Young Ireland

   Claudia Russell    

...and many more.       


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