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The Monkey House is a charming theater/event space available for your next party, meeting, fundraiser, or performance.  Because of the ongoing pandemic, we've temporarily reduced our rates, so please reach out for a quote.   We always go out of our way to help keep things as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

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  • Excellent location with easy parking, three blocks from North Berkeley BART.


  • Seating capactiy is up to 65, bur until the Covid scare subsides we have reduced it to about 30.  


  • 16' x 38' main area with 10.5' ceiling.


  • 6' x 12' stage.


  • 6 - 20" x 19" folding tables.

  • 1- 60" x 18" food or merchandise table (fixed location)


  • Ceiling fans and air conditioning.


  • Up to 59 padded folding chairs, plus sofa and easy chair.(Unneeded chairs are stored beneath stage or stacked against a wall. )


  • Full sound system including wireless handheld mics, additional wired mics and stands, 12-channel Mackie mixer, stage monitors, reverb, compression and effects.


  • Reading/music stands with lights.


  • Ceiling has been professionally soundproofed, but this is NOT a good location for very loud events such as rock bands with drums or dance parties with heavy bass.


  • Twelve PAR 64 stage lights with programmable lighting board. Dimmable room lights.


  • 2 mounted video projectors and pull-down screens: 72" screen onstage, 84" screen in front of stage. We have blackout curtains so presentations look great, day or night.


  • Hard-wired video camera with stereo shotgun mic.


  • Additional music gear available for reasonable rental: digital piano with weighted keys, acoustic and electric guitars, basses, amplifiers, Ludwig drum kit (brushes or bundles only)


  • ADA-compliant bathroom.


  • Audio and lighting tech available for additional charge.


  • Small kitchen available for additional charge.


  • Green room available at additional charge.

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