We welcome musical performers of all kinds!  We have a house acoustic guitar and a digital piano onstage, a Yamaha p-120 with 88-weighted keys and additional sounds including Wurlitzer and Rhodes.

Because we are BYOB venue, we must ask a $10-20 donation from everyone, including performers.  However, if you bring an SD card (Class 4 or 10) we will gladly record a video of your performance.  The camera has a stereo shotgun mic and records excellent audio.

You can sign-up in advance by clicking the link below.  Performers get 10-minutes to do their thing and slots are in 15-minute increments beginning at 7:30.  Please tell us what time you'd like to go on, and your preference to go earlier or later if your time is not available.  We will respond to let you know what slot you reserved.  You can also sign up at the event, between 7 and 7:30.