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MONKEY HOUSE RECORDING is a comfortable, intimate studio ideal for songwriters, spoken word artists and voiceover professionals.  While we feature some top-notch gear (Avalon, AKG, Neumann, Focusrite, Joe Meek, Pro Tools 12…) and world class plug-ins (Universal Audio, Izotope, Waves, Celemony…) our greatest strength lies in our ability to work with artists to get their best performances and help them make the choices that allow their work to truly shine.  

If you’re a Monkey House performer, we offer a very affordable live recording package.  For as little as $500 you get rental of the Monkey House (100% of all door proceeds), a great digital multitrack recording of your music, and three hours of mixing time.  (You're also free to take your session files and mix elsewhere.)  Most acts cover the bulk of cost with the take from their show.  Check out these tracks culled from “Live at the Monkey House” CDs:

"Ive been very impressed with the sounds and mixes that Ira gets on his recordings.  He's able to obtain the warmth, character, aliveness and clarity that is often so elusive.  Plus he brings his extensive production skills and experience as a talented songwriter and recording artist, something that ordinary studios just can't provide.  Given the relatively low prices he's charging for access to his skills and gear, I think he's offering quite a bargain."


--Roger Linn, creator of the Linn Drum, AdrenaLinn, and other electronic musical products

"To me you are known as the Monkey Master, for now and forever more.  You did amazing work on my CD at the Monkey House.  You were there start to finish, recording, mixing and mastering.  You were so very patient, informative and professional.  You are highly skilled at what you do.  I am saying all this to tell you that you and the Monkey House rock!  I am so thrilled to have worked with you.  You worked magic. Because of you, I can't wait for people to hear Soul Blue.

                     --Terrie Odabi, finalist, 2014 International Blues Challenge.

"I don't usually call people about the demos they send me.  In fact, I've never called anyone about a demo they've sent me.  But yours is really, really good. 

--Adrian Belew, recording artist, producer, guitarist  (David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Talking Heads)

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